Designed Here. Made Here.


Custom furniture design

Whatever your furnishing needs and expectations, you should want them fulfilled from the broadest strokes to the finest detail. MORELLI FURNISHING™ provides you with solutions – from design to fabrication – that will fall 100% in line with your aesthetic, functional, and user-experience desires.Let’s look at a couple of scenarios…

As an architect, you may be seeking to define an urban development. We can help you design the furnishing elements that match your vision. And we’ll get to work with you on the best design as early as the very beginnings of the project.

As a real estate developer, you know the value of adding beauty to your properties. Do it with signature furnishings custom-made by world-class professionals. Put our industrial designers and their creativity to work for you. Even better, everything is made here at home. And delivered on tight deadline. At a competitive price, too.


Already have your sketches or blueprints for your commercial or urban furnishings? Let us take them to reality through an optimized fabrication process. Our experts will verify the design quality, the product’s ergonomics and functionality, and its assembly. MORELLI FURNISHING™  supports local manufacturers and insists on top-grade materials to promotes durability and low maintenance.


Time is money in any venture, including yours. A timely introduction to market in anticipation of favourable trends must not be disrupted at the construction stage. That’s why we only work with reputable partners who have proven to us they will be committed to your deadlines. We insist on strict control of design and fabrication to the last detail. At MORELLI FURNISHING™, it’s simply what we do. For you.