SWING Collection



The SWING collection is Ora’s fresh take on the urban swing, with a unique, thoughtful, and modern design. It gives people a different way to rest and interact in the city: relaxed with feet off the ground! Swing sets can be combined with other furnishing elements to create an interesting and colourful rest area.

Designed with the needs of public settings in mind, the SWING collection has safety built in. For instance, range of motion is limited to 10” forward and backward, enhancing user safety and preventing contact with surrounding structures. This is a subtle detail but it says much about our design approach. We build our products to be at once eco-friendly and durable.

Our SWING collection allows you to introduce an element of fun to the user experience, whether on concrete or on grass.

The components stand alone or combine well with our HOUSE and PLANTER BOX to expand your design and layout options in the furnishing of your outdoor space..


Available Products