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    Makers of fine urban furnishings
Who We Are


Leading the Way in innovative Urban Furnishings

At Morelli Furnishing (a division of Morelli Designers), we believe in environmental responsibility and the enhancement of the human experience. The user is at the heart of our approach to product creation for the urban milieu.

We seek to improve people’s well-being through the intelligent design of unique, simple, durable furnishings for application by architects, real estate developers, hotels, healthcare facilities, general contractors, and towns and cities.

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A Passion for Design

Our latest creation

See how our unique, high-quality urban furnishings help create dynamic, user-friendly spaces with a minimized environmental footprint.

Our services

Urban furniture design

MORELLI FURNISHING is your One-Stop-Shop – from concept to manufacture – for urban furniture. Our designers and engineers bring extensive expertise to the creation, development, and fabrication of urban and commercial furnishings for leading hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, parks, and beauty and fitness centres. Our team becomes your team right from the start of your project through to the finish, and beyond.

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Our Innovation Community


MORELLI FURNISHING puts innovation front and centre in the design and development of urban furniture. Our industrial designers form part of the MORELLI LAB innovation community, constantly studying the trends and needs of various industries in the search for innovative solutions. Why not join us? Be part of the process; be part of the solution!

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